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2D VS 3D Movies

What do you think of 2D movies and 3D movies? Would you like to watch movies in 2D or in 3D format? Maybe most of movie fans will choose watch movies in 3D without hesitation, but there are also some different voice existed. The 3 D movies are not necessarily better than 2 D movies, just the 3D more fresh. Here we will show you 2D VS 3D movies from different aspect.

2D Movies VS 3D Movies

The History of 2D VS 3D Movies
The history 2D movies is the historical development of the medium known variously as cinema, motion pictures, film, or the movies. The history of 2D film spans over 100 years, from the latter part of the 19th century to the present day. Motion pictures developed gradually from a carnival novelty to one of the most important tools of communication and entertainment, and mass media in the 20th century and into the 21st century.
What aficionados consider the "golden era" of 3-D began in 1952 with the release of the first color stereoscopic feature, Bwana Devil, produced, written and directed by Arch Oboler. The film was shot in Natural Vision, a process that was co-created and controlled by M. L. Gunzberg. Gunzberg, who built the rig with his brother, Julian, and two other associates, shopped it without success to various studios before Oboler used it for this feature, which went into production with the title, The Lions of Gulu.The film starred Robert Stack, Barbara Britton and Nigel Bruce.

2d vs 3d movies

The Effect of 2D VS 3D Movies
3D has completely changed the manner in which people view movies and it is for this reason that the implications spread beyond the entertainment aspect. This is attributed to the fact that it delivers the feeling of real action such that as a viewer, it becomes almost impossible to distinguish the scenes on screen from reality.
This is attributed to the fact that the human vision becomes part of the action in the movie and as such, it becomes almost impossible to tell the difference. It makes it easy for them to become part of the events that are unfolding a million miles away and it is probably due to the immediacy of this aspect that 3D movies have become a fixture with a vast majority of people.

The Sequela of 2D VS 3D Movies
Due to the 3D glasses, some people even say the 3D movies can be annoying at best, and painful at worst and there are the few people who complain that 3D movies make them sick like they are on a roller coaster. At least, very few 2D movies audience have the same sequela as the 3D. There is the opinion of one 3D audience - "Most of the times I leave the cinema with a headache after attempting to keep the glasses on for over 2 hours on my face. What is it with these 3D movies being exhaustively long too!"

2d vs 3d movies

The Price of 2D VS 3D Movies
There is no need to ask that the price to watch a movies in 3D will be higher than 2D movies. The movie tickets for 3D movies are considerably higher than other tickets. This has affected the industry immensely and largely, being viewed as a manner of exploiting people. In the past, a movie ticket would cost roughly around $ 4 but with 3D the prices have skyrocketed with some 3D movies such as the "The Clash of the Titans" and "Alice in Wonderland" going for as much as $ 20. This 20% increase consequently saw the increase of 2D movies though at a slightly lower percentage.

Well, that's all the 2D VS 3D movies we offer to you. Given the option to see a movie in either format, which one do you prefer, 2D or 3D?

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