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What was the First 3D Movie?

By spotting the rapidly development of 3D technology in movies, pictures, text and more, and the spring-out of upgrade 4D, 5D innovation today, you must have great interest on the first 3D movies in history. What was the first 3D movies? Actually, 3D movies never slowed down its pace since the beginning of 20 century. The adoption of 3D in films, feature films, feature-length talkie, feature-length talkie in color and feature with stereophonic sound trends to be maturer and populist after a century's evolution.

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The First Movie in 3D

the first movies in 3d in historyIn the past, there's no TV or theater to display film. Film at that time is just like a vendor's stand - from one country to another with caravan loading with mutoscope or other mechanisms to display 2D motion pictrues. After half a century's development, the advent of 3D film brought audiences into a visually epoch-making era. As a kind of motion picture, 3D film has enhanced feature in illusion of depth perception.

The first experiment of the 3D films presentation before a paying audience took place at the Astor Theater, New York, on June 10, 1915. However, the 3D film show at that time was not a success. The three one-reelers program, with anaglyphic process used, including rural scenes in the USA, a selection of scenes from Famous Players' Jim, the Penman (US '15), with John Mason and Marie Doro, and a travelog of Niagara Falls, had involved the use of red and green spectacles, like today, to help create 3 dimensions effect by adhering twin motion pictures photographed two and a half inches apart together.

3D Movies Continue to Develop

Althrough the first 3D movie had not made a real impact on public, the development is continuing. Several years later, the first feature film in 3D, a 5-reel melodrama named Power of Love (US '22) and produced by perfect pictures in an anaglyphic process developed by Harry K. Fairall, premiered at the Ambassador Hotel Theater, on September 27, 1922. And Sant Bonaldo's Nozze vagabonde (It '36) following, as the first feature-length talkie in 3D, was produced by the Societa Italiana Stereocinematografica at the Cinee-Caesar Studios.

Along with the advent of color cinematography, 3D technology used in Alexander Andreyevsky's Soyuzdetfilm production Robinson Crusoe (USSR '47) - a feature-length talkie in color, was the first successful process with anaglyph 3D spectacles. The low-budget Bawana Devil in '52 in Ft. Worth, which made a splash in American audiences and became a fad at that time. With continuing development, 3D movies had received more and more reputation throughtout the 2000s with the culminating success of Avatar in 2009 and 2010.

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